Gas lamp killer i spit on your graveHoly molyies ! Where to start ? This gig should have been billed as : ‘low end theory comes to Dublin for one night only to dazzle, amaze and daze!’

Woah, woah, woah….back to the beginning. My punctual a$$ didn’t get there until 1 a.m. , so it was straight downstairs to catch a bit of drum n bass from the guys at OneSevenFour. Hot as f@ck drum n bass aswell, it had me up and jumping straight away. At about 1:28, a poster in the mens room informed me that the gaslampkiller was due to take to the stage in TWO MINUTES. I’ve never moved so fast. Swung past the bar for a beer and straight upstairs to the stage. Sure enough, there was a mass of hair and flying arms bopping around behind the decks, and some signature drums kicking off the GLK’s set . I just had to get straight on down to it at the very front of the stage. Building momentum fairly fast now, and kicking in with that trademark MC’ing ( “You’re listening to the Motherf@@kin gas lamp killer, make some NOISE” ) the whole set took flight. I may have verged on the irritable at times, urging him to “Turn that bass up” , and telling him that he was “teasing us with that sh@t”, but he duly obliged on the bass front !

And just at the moment when I thought it’d be hard pushed to get any better….

“I got brand new flying lotus sh@t right here”

Well slap me in the face and wake me up ! Play that ! Play it!

“Oh you wanna hear it ?”

Too right we did.

BOOM. I didn’t hear that track, I felt it . The GLK had the whole house rocking, no denying it. Apparently, this is his 3rd visit to Dublin and the last 2 “sucked” HAHA. This one certainly didn’t !

Cut to the mandatory screams of “ONE MORE TUNE” and a nervous nod from the promoter….3 o clock came way to quick !

Fair play to him though, he managed to mix in a bit of Jimi Hendrix towards the end, and it couldn’t have been better fitting :

“Let me stand next to your fire…”

Indeed. The fire burned hot on Friday in the twisted pepper, and the man himself was very obliging for a photo at the end…..

*Big thanks to bodytonic, OneSevenFour, Choice Cuts, Paddy O’Hailpin, PEEJAY, all the staff of the twisted pepper, all those who cut it up on the dancefloor, and of course…the MOTHAF@@KIN GASLAMPKILLER !!!!

For a taste of the man’s work, check out his latest mix CD for FREE here…
He also anchored a recent low end theory podcast with ras G which can be downloaded direct here…


~ by cathalorourke on May 11, 2009.


  1. Hey awesome that you guys got a taste of Low End Theory out in Dublin! Woot woot!

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