Ladies and gentlemen !!!! Are you bored with most acts that roll into dublin week in week out, all playing the same old same old ?
Do you want to part with your hard earned cash knowing that you are in for a night of future sound that will rock you so hard you’ll still be vibrating on tuesday ?
Well then, look no further than here :
Choice cuts are dedicated to doing exactly what it says on the label : Digesting choice cuts of music from around the globe, then booking them to play on your doorstep !
Highlights this year have included low end theory resident the gaslampkiller aswell as the legendary daedalus.
This month sees Choice Cuts rolling out more future sound heavyweights in the form of hudson mohawke and mike slott at the twisted pepper this coming saturday, aswell as the poets of rhythm ( can you say afro-funk-ska-reggae-rock group ten times fast !??!? ) next thursday in whelan’s.
I can’t say enough good things about them, they have their heads screwed on when it comes to what acts they book, and aswell as this they have a very nifty website with all manner of electronic music related gadgets, gizmos, reviews, interviews and podcasts.
Join up, plug in and switch on here : 

and here :
And remember, if you haven’t heard of any of the artists here, give them a google and give it a go, you won’t know what you’re missing until you do !!!!!!
This blog is also posted at – for all your gig listing needs !!!!


~ by cathalorourke on May 12, 2009.

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