I’ve just about stopped jittering enough to be able to type this review.
FABRIC. London’s superclub of superclubs. I realised just how super by the length of the queue outside on the night ( advance tickets next time lads, i promise..) , then the queue inside to pay, then the queue for the cloakroom…etc…
Well, i didn’t have time for the cloakroom as the GASLAMPKILLER had already started spinning and it was time to be there. The maze of stairways, doors and bodies that FABRIC is, totally got the better of me here. I ended up on the balcony of room one, looking down at the mass of people bumping to the sick sh#t the GLK was blaring ! Okay, down another flight of stairs…and straight up the front . I think i got the last little patch of room for one person to stand at . NICE. 

London May 2009 142

It got sweaty VERY fast. Dancing with my jacket on for the first 20 minutes was ill advised. But regardless, the whole room was fast becoming one big victim of the gaslampkiller ! There’s no point really in going into detail on just how good the GLK is, because if you haven’t been to one of his shows, it is an absolute barrage of tunes that assaults the senses and makes you wanna GO CRAZY !!!! He even recognised me from the dublin show and reached over for a hand slap. This was great as the guy next to me all of a sudden goes “Is he a mate of yours ?” to which i just replied “Yeah” . (not wanting to say anything more than one syllable long as my voice was already fragile from shouting and wooping ! ) The guy started going crazy then, high fives, dancing like a lunatic and generally getting very excited. Excellent, on with the madness ! GLK also announced details for the next london brainfeeder party on june 20th with FlyLo, Samiyam and Ras G ! Crowd went mental.
It was then time for RUSKO. Although i was excited to see him, i had a banging dehydration headache and a jacket that needed to be filed.
On the way back to the room , i bumped into the GLK on the stairs :

London May 2009 155

A very obliging guy, always willing to stop and chat .
Some R&R was required after the intensity so i reclined back in the balcony of room one for a beer, listening to Rusko shredding it in the background. Until he started playing that tune : “Rats in my kitchen, rats on my floor “. Dance time. the whole balcony was going nuts to this one, beers flying everywhere. He played a fantastic closing 20 minutes before it was time for skream to take the stage.
At this stage , however, i wanted some exploration and this is how i found myself in room 3, dancing to the sweet music of Mr. MARCUS INTALEX . This was the place for me, much darker than room one, and lasers to boot !
London May 2009 164
The energy in this room was amazing, as were the tunes. Dubstep / drum’n’bass with a very atmospheric leaning and oodles and oodles of ridonkulous bass. Everyone was well into it, and with the smaller room, the custom built Funktion One soundsystem was melting faces left, right and centre ! It was here we bumped into 2 very friendly german guys, who, when returning from the bar, insisted that we walk through room 2 , which was playing house, to “see how shit it really is” HAHA. It was dire, it has to be said really.
After more Marcus intalex action , 5 a.m. came and it was time for Fabio to come on. It was…..well….not as good as Marcus Intalex. We departed 30 minutes into the set, hungry, tired, and very sweaty shadows of our former selves !
Here’s a picture of us at Farringdon tube stop approx 6:15 a.m. :









Oh, and apparently SKREAM played a good set aswell according to one of the lads. Like the city itself, you can’t see EVERYTHING on offer in just one night !
Miscellaneous info : – The night we went, even with a big line up, it was only £13 entry.
                              – Unisex toilets !
                              – £4 for beer, £2 for water as far as i can remember.
                              – Advance tickets get you a queue jump before 12 midnight.

~ by cathalorourke on May 28, 2009.

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