DJ Derek

Poets Of Rhythm_DJ Derek_ 054


I meant to put a post up about this one ages ago….
DJ Derek is a 68 year old ( no joke ) DJ who is a regular at the ‘big chill’ and ‘bestival’ festivals in england. I had the good fortune of catching him in dublin recently at the Bernard Shaw. I do not say this lightly now, the guy is an absolute legend !   
Playing reggae , funk and soul…..he had the whole place going when i walked in the door. The tunes were rolling one after the other, everyone dancing, shaking and grooving away .
The MC’ing though……you really have to hear it to believe it ! One minute he has a classic english accent, then a JAMAICAN LILT M’ON !!!! Hahahaha…
Here’s a picture of me and the the man himself out in the beer garden . .  (even though the lighting kinda says : ‘strip club’ )  
   Poets Of Rhythm_DJ Derek_ 055
The coolest Grandad EVER ! 

~ by cathalorourke on June 26, 2009.

One Response to “DJ Derek”

  1. nice blog mate. just checking it out now.

    will be playing bernard shaw on september 25th if you’re around.

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