Graffitti & Street Art happennings in the bernard shaw this month.

July is set to be a good month for anyone with an interest in graffitti or street art.

There are 3 top quality events on there this month as follows :

-The Antics Rogueshow on saturday the 11th of July. Will St Leger is hosting this. The idea is you bring along a piece of art and some local masked graffitti artists go to town on it, leaving you with a brand new piece of artwork. Details here.

-The ‘achieving art ‘exhibition on the 17th Of July. Now in its’ third year, both international and local artists will submit pieces for sale , all funds are going to Saplings School in Rathfarnham which caters for autistic children. Pieces on the night from the well known Maser, as well as many more. If you can’t make it on the night, the art will be on display in the bernard shaw until the 12th Of august.  Poster can be viewed here.

Secret Wars on July 25th. This will be a good one folks, London vs Dublin in a live art battle ! More details and videos here.

Big pat on the back to the bodytonic guys, love to see stuff like this at the Bernard Shaw. The ‘Big Time Ridiculously cheap art night’ last week was great, showcasing some great stuff from local artists.

Photos_24jun2009 154


~ by cathalorourke on June 30, 2009.

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