Irish graffitti Part 5 -Portobello area

Having recently moved to the portobello area, i’ve noticed a good bit of graffitti around the place, a lot of it is well done too . . .  

Here’s R2 being a vandal on the side of the spar shop on the south circular . . .  

Photos_24jun2009 145

and a storm trooper in the same place . . .  

Photos_24jun2009 146

i love this next one, it says it all really….  

Photos_24jun2009 330

The leprechaun is visible between harcourt and charlemont luas stops.   The Bernard Shaw’s outside graff walls look great . . .    

Photos_24jun2009 010

Photos_24jun2009 011

The wall above with ‘dublin’ on it, has been replaced by an ad for oxegen just last week ! Tickets must be selling slow…

Another one was also updated recently…

Here’s the old…    

Photos_24jun2009 014

And the new . ..    

Photos_24jun2009 328

 ‘FOES’ stands for ‘Fresh on Every Surface’ ~ they’re a graffitti crew ( with Maser, the well known dublin graffitti artist being a member ).

And last, but by no means least, a stencil I spotted on the side of a parking meter close to the humble abode:

Photos_24jun2009 056

 Is this a homage to MJ ? Or is it a homage to Someone else ? or neither?

Answers on a postcard.


~ by cathalorourke on July 7, 2009.

One Response to “Irish graffitti Part 5 -Portobello area”

  1. oh what fun art! A great deal of graffitti I discover in the metro area is on walls between buildings and hence difficult to photograph with so much nice light…Thanks for posting these–I LIKE them. And yes, I do consider graffitti a serious and important art form. Am very intrigued by the collaborative nature of what you term ‘crews’.

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