Secret wars @ The bernard shaw : Review.

secret wars adI have the distinct feeling that this night will go down as one of the best in the BS in 2009.

The concept is extremely simple : a graffitti war. Yes, that’s right a graffitti war. 2 big white blank canvases (20ft x 5ft) set up in the smoking area of the bernard shaw. 2 teams of graff artists armed with only a big black marker each and 92 minutes on the clock.

This was also the Kings Of concrete after party, so when i arrived at 8 o clock, the place was jammed. ( apparently the pub was full to capacity : 600 people !!! )

The graffitti war kicked off soon after and it was all systems go. the competition was dublin v London. DanLeo was representing for Dublin ( him also being the person who got secret wars to ireland – big props ) and the results were nothing short of amazing.

After the last pen had touched the wall and the time was up, it was time for the vote. the first judge voted london (cue booing & hissing 😉 ) . The next vote was a decibel reader of the crowd cheer. Guess who won that one ?!? and finally it came down to another judge vote, who, in the interest of not getting himself lynched, voted Dublin. WAYHEY ! Good times. The event was topped off by the MC throwing some free DG gear into the crowd.

Another highlight of the night was when one of the London crew ( Reeps )showed off his skills as a beatboxer. It was truly fantastic ~ his remixed version of  Where’s my money? by Caspa, in particular.

I unfortunately had to depart at this point, but i heard that everyone partied late into the night with more beatboxing to keep everyone rocking.

My camera is bust at the moment, but fear not ! there’s lots of lovely vids & photos over at :

Big , big thanks go to : Bodytonic, The staff of the Bernard Shaw, Secret Wars , Dan Leo , MC Savage , Reeps, all the artists involved and everyone who was there for a very memorable night !

And also a big massive F##K OFF goes to the narrow sighted folks  @ Dublin City Council for not letting the event take place in the car park as originally planned. This would have eased the crowd congestion and allowed another couple of hundred people at least to enjoy this event ! F##K YOU dublin city council, f##k you big time. 

And for anyone interested,  i was the lunatic standing on the pool table.


~ by cathalorourke on August 10, 2009.

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