Appleblim @ Twisted Pepper 14th Aug : Review.

Something very, very special happened last night in the twisted pepper.

Upstairs, Nic James was holding court and keeping the masses dancing.

Downstairs , however…. was something completely different.

Laurie Appleblim graced the basement with a showcase of his sick skills on the dubstep decks.

Considering that this man was one of the pioneers of the dubstep movement, and founder of the SKull Disco label (along with the other heavyweight,Shackleton), aswell as owning his own label, you’d expect him to bang out a fairly above par set with out breaking a sweat right ? Well, yes you’d be right.

The first half hour was an exquisite build up of oozing bass lines. There was a small chance that this wasn’t going to hold the crowd, (and in fact, the two guys with me deserted it for upstairs, saying “I’m just not in the mood for dubstep”! ) but I was loving it.

The crowd held in the end , and Appleblim treated us to a highly technical set with flawless fluidity.

His masterful manipulation of tunes was reminiscent of the wizardy of artists like Jeff Mills.

And yes, this was definitely towards the minimal end of dubstep. And it was excellent.

I can normally judge how good a gig was by weighing up how much I had to drink against how much dancing was done.

I drank f##k all, and danced non-stop for his set. Classic night.

Big thanks to Reach & bodytonic bringing in the talent for a very special night !

This friday, MUD is playing host to another dubstep Don , Bristol’s man of the moment, Joker.  DON’T MISS IT. Tickets and info available here.


~ by cathalorourke on August 17, 2009.

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