The Bolt Of Inspiration

Some days are good days, and other days are just shite. that’s just the nature of life. The ying and yang, the black and white, etc, etc.

Take yesterday for example, shite day all round. Woke up late, late into work, didn’t get a proper breakfast, not a great start to the day exactly. Things were destined to go downhill really.

But days like today, well they’re something very special. Woke up early, proper breakfast, had a bit of a laugh with the better half en route to work about a dream she’d had, in which I was pregnant and it was being hailed as a medical miracle ! 🙂 HAHAHA. That’s still making me laugh, 4 hours later.

A sweet cup of coffee and on with the day’s workload. A few good tunes on the headphones and auto pilot kicks in. I’m still tapping away on the computer but my mind wanders off, thinking about friday’s gig, what i’ll do over the weekend, etc…etc..

Then all of a sudden, something strange occurs, my mind keeps wandering and reaches a magical point. An epiphany of sorts . Possibly what people refer to as ” a bolt of inspiration” .

I have read books for as long as I can remember. When i was younger, I bought Beano & Dandy every week, subscribed to a science magazine for kids from the makers of “Wallace & Gromit”, called “Techno Quest”. I was constantly given books as presents, encyclopedias, enid blyton books, john grisham novels, etc..etc..I read the first harry potter book the week it came out and have been hooked ever since.

This love of books continued all the way through secondary school (which was marked quite distinctively by a 6 month spate of reading nothing but paperback novels ~James Patterson, Grisham, Andy Mc Nab,,etc..) and college (everything from shakespeare to erotic novellas, hitchiker’s guide to east of eden).

In more recent times, i’ve read lots of stuff ~ charles dickens ( the finest storyteller ever ) , howard marks , the beach , Neil Gaiman, unfathomable amounts of graphic novels, blogs, online magazines, news websites, saturday’s irish times cover to cover every week , phoenix magazine, village magazine, online comics,anyhting music related, basically anything I can get my hands on. (Except the freesheet metro, which is only good for sudoku 😛 ) .

In short, I read and read like there is no tomorrow. I have a thirst for knwoledge that is utterly unquenchable and shows no signs of stopping. I don’t watch that much TV, and if i do, it’s to watch a documentary or sit down with a good film on DVD. Other than that i find most TV to be drivel, nothing more than a medium trying to sell you shit you don’t need.

But back to the bolt. I have often been quoted as saying “It’s not that hard to write a book, anyone could do it”. To which, the common response is “well, why don’t you do it?”. And the true answer is, i don’t know. I started this blog for a reason, the reason being that i felt that i had something to give the world, a message , my thoughts on things. To date, I’ve really kept this blog music / graffitti related which are another two loves of my life.

 But the inspiration bolt has struck today. An idea for a book. It might fail, or it might succeed, but as the modern day poet method man once said : “If you never try, then you’ll never know”. Here goes nothing folks….

Picture 012


~ by cathalorourke on August 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Bolt Of Inspiration”

  1. bravo i say!
    carpe diem and all that.
    best of luck and i look forward to following ur writing experience and reading the end result, whatever shape it may take.


  2. good blog man,

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