Joker @ The twisted pepper, 21st august 2009 : Review.

I hit the twisted pepper on friday around 12 o clock straight up sober. In fact, I drove down, because I knew I wouldn’t be drinking.( end of the month financial issues)

When I got there, the first thing that struck me was the queue. It was out the fecking door and onto the street ! This could only be a good thing.

ON the stage, MC Kwasi and the breakdown band were warming up the night’s proceedings. I had never seen them before, and they’re a fairly good party outfit.
They had 3 DJ’s (I think) and a bloke playing bongo style drums. Fun for a bit of a warm up, but harder action was needed.

Downstairs, the Wobble crew (T-woc, Don Rosco & Oshroom ) were going b2b, and playing some absolute bangers.

When 1:30 hit, however, it was time to set the record straight on the new Void soundsysystem and for the MUD house to have its’ roof torn down.

At this stage, there was a substantial crowd downstairs and a really good energy building up.



Joker hit the ground running in fine form ,showing straight away why he is regarded as one of the finest producers of this generation, effortlessly mixing in
effects and textures, chilling behind the decks and letting the magic unfold. This, mixed with the well up for it crowd, resulted in a quality blow out of
all things BASS !



Up the front was hectic and crazy, with mosh pits breaking out at random all over the shop. Joker being the obliging soul that he is, also
rewound 3 tracks when asked ( if i’m not mistaken, this was Bonz and executive steve on the ask, correct me if I’m wrong ). I won’t get bitter about it this time, they were excellent tracks.

I was dissapointed when all of a sudden I realised that it was 2:55, and only 5 minutes remained. This wasn’t gonna stop him though. He brought us all the way to 3:20, getting harder and harder every minute.

To put this another way, he was un-fucking-stoppable. Straight up dubstep sprinkled with his own trademark productions ( game boy sounds,etc…) aswell as some nice west coast , glitched out vibes. Nearly every genre and sub genre of what makes new wave bass music great was touched on.

Towards the end, I honestly thought I was going to collapse. The epic bass, coupled with the mental crowd was melting faces all over the place.

All I drank for the night was water, and all I smoked was tobacco, and I was high as f#ck. Physically drained, soaked to the bone with sweat and ears ringing
like a psychotic feedback loop in my head, I felt FANTASTIC.

I saw some internet chatter somewhere debating whether Joker was dubstep or grime. Personally, I couldn’t give a left testicle if you want to call it
GRIME-STEP, DUB-RIME or IDM, it doesn’t need a name because it’s beyond all that. It’s absolute perfection just as it is.



BIG THANKS TO : The wobble crew for bringing the talent, Bodytonic, the staff of the twisted pepper, the nice people I bummed cigarettes
off outside, Adnan and safety boy for the pictures, and of course, JOKER.

***BTW, note to inexperienced punters at the front : If a mosh pit starts beside you, do not immediately move into the space that has been created.
The simple reason being that when the mosh pit moves BACK, you will be squashed, hurt or maybe even killed. Now don’t cry and give out when it happens


~ by cathalorourke on September 7, 2009.

6 Responses to “Joker @ The twisted pepper, 21st august 2009 : Review.”

  1. credit yer photographer!

    and i cant believe you drove down ye lazy fucker!

  2. Stick it up yer Jacksie ernesto. Got enough excercise skanking it up downstairs for the night ! 😛

    And yes, i’m a lazy fucker.

  3. Nice wan!!!

  4. Thanks man, cheers again for the wicked pix !

  5. guilty… great, great night.

  6. IDM? big lol

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