Hill Walking : Maulin, Co.Wicklow.

I may have failed to mention it on this blog before, but I fecking love hillwalking.
There are multiple reasons behind this, but mainly i enjoy the silence and the views.
Sunday just past, I hauled myself up to maulin ( 570m above sea level ) with the missus, her nephew (6), her niece (9) and their dog.
I had worried that they’d kick up a stink half way and we’d have to turn back, but as it turned out, the dog and the little ones lead the way while I lagged behind.
It truly is one of the best walks / hikes you can do in and around the dublin area.
It has really well marked pathways and requires no real navigation experience.
The best thing about it though is the views from the top.
Sunday , the visibility wasn’t great, but i could still as far north as carlingford and maybe about 100km or so south going along the coast.
On a clear day up here, you can see over to Mount Snowdon in Wales !
It truly is a surreal experience looking out at the sea from such a height, and the vastness of the rolling hills beneath you.
Further to this, on the way back down, you are rewarded with an amazing view of the both the start of the powerscourt waterfall and the waterfall itself.
The best thing about this is of course, you don’t have to pay 8 euro ( or whatever they’re charging down there ) to see it .
The walk starts from Crone Wood Car Park, just outside the village of enniskerry. Co-ordinates : 53.165067,-6.218176
On sunday, the drive from the city centre to the start of the walk took just 30 minutes.

Allow yourself 3 to 3 and a half hours and of course don’t forget to bring water, food  and both warm and rainproof gear.


~ by cathalorourke on October 20, 2009.

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