As a rule, if you give me something free and I like it, it will get written about here.
If you give me something for free and I don’t like it, it won’t get written about here.
So it is with this rule in mind that we reach this blog post.
Got free tickets to go see a special preview of “9” last night in the lighthouse cinema in smithfield. I had caught some of the trailers and was intending on seeing it anyway.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has some really beautifully dark animation and design, painting a bleak and desolate picture of a post apocalyptic earth.
Just as a bit of warning though, if you’ve seen and don’t like the “animatrix” or say, “batham gotham knight” ( animation that came out in conjuction with the batman begins movie ) , you might not enjoy this at all.
That aside though, great film, when the strange little puppets were being chased around by gigantic robotic creatures through futuristic wasteland, my heart was genuinely jumping with the suspense. Action/animation genre = WIN.
A quick word on the very cool people at le cool ( who were the source of the tickets ) – they distribute a free snazzy weekly e-mail with selected event listings in dublin. They’re also always on the lookout for writers, cover designers, anyone who wants to get involved in any way at all. You can sign up for the weekly magazine here.
Also, the light house cinema. Why have I waited so long to pay a visit to here ? It’s the absolute dogs’ ! Really comfortable seats, really well designed and finished off ~ absolutely FANTASTIC. My new favourite cinema in dublin.

Lighthouse cinema


~ by cathalorourke on October 28, 2009.

One Response to “FILM REVIEW : 9”

  1. Nice review mate, was curious about this film but will definitely check it out now. Sounds interesting.

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