Happenings @ Le Cirk !

Big things breewing in Le Cirk over the next few weeks….(all free too, by the looks of it ~ RECESSION PROOF )

First up, the Standard crew are kicking off a new bi-weekly this friday for junkies of UK Funky, Garage & House.

Standard monthly

The Hertz-u crew have also kicked off a new regular night, which should be also every second friday, but in true spirit, they’ll be working with other local promoters to ensure there’s no date clashes so everyone’s night gets a  fair chance. That’s true love right there folks.

I didn’t make it on friday for the Hertz-u kick off, but by all accounts over on http://www.jungle.me.uk it went very very well ! Next night is set for the 6th Of November.

It’s gonna be a hip hop instalment aswell :

Synergy Funk and Soul Set
Davey S Hip Hop Set
The Xpert of Messiah J & The Xpert Fame Hip hop Set

Word is, it’s gonna be a pre-96 hip hop affair !

Just to re-iterate folks, these regular nights are on a friday, right bang in the centre of town, and they’re FREE. GET IN.

www.irishdrumandbass.com ~ Pon the forum !


~ by cathalorourke on October 28, 2009.

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