irish graffitti Part 4 : Temple Bar Street Art

Shock shock horror !!!! Dublin city council for once made a decent decision regarding graffitti / street art in dublin . The traffic signal boxes in and around temple bar contain street art from different artists, and they seem to change on a regular basis. I photographed 2 of them recently :
Photos_24jun2009 107
Photos_24jun2009 106
 Photos_24jun2009 003
Photos_24jun2009 004
Strangely enough though, i found it hard to get any more information on either the artist’s names or the periods of rotation etc,etc on the interweb. The details of the pilot project from last year  along with some cool signal box art photos from ireland and abroad ,aswell as the location of the 5 boxes in temple bar can be viewed here :
It’d be great to see this rolled out across the city, it brightens up the street corners and makes what is otherwise a dull square box, a platform for all sorts of different art.

~ by cathalorourke on June 24, 2009.

One Response to “irish graffitti Part 4 : Temple Bar Street Art”

  1. wow thats amasing you are so right about time they did something about that keep us all updated if you find out more

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